Fossil Creek Reservoir Birding

Western Grebe
One of the fun things about birding is that it can be done even with relatively short blocks of time.

So, when Susan had an appointment in Fort Collins, she dropped me off at Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space, a National Audubon Society "Important Bird Area."
Clark's Grebe

Fossil Creek is nice for many reasons, but on this windy day the viewing blinds gave shelter from the sun and wind and provided a place to sit.

One thing I was hoping to see here was the Western Grebes doing their courtship dance. I did see many Western Grebes interacting, but didn't see any dancing going on.

I enjoyed watching a Forster's Tern actively fishing. I also saw both a Great Egret and Snow Egret, plus Great Blue Herons and many other birds.

Susan joined me after her appointment and we got to see the Clark's Grebe, a lifer for us.

Forster's Tern
Great Blue Heron

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