Mike Does Mornings

When we were in New Zealand in 2010, our home exchangers had a great refrigerator magnet:

"Not A Morning Person"
Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It

That's me. I need a couple of hours to wake up with my coffee.

But recently, I'd been frustrated with myself for not getting up and out early enough to take advantage of the early morning light. So I made up my mind to try to get out for some sunrises!

Sprague Lake at sunrise, looking west

One of my goals was to hike to a summit and be there for sunrise, and I achieved this and more. I managed to make it to Sprague Lake and Bear Lake for sunrise. Then I hiked to the summit of Lily Mountain. Then Susan and I hiked to the summit of Deer Mountain. And in September I hiked to the summit of Estes Cone for sunrise.

Looking east over Sprague Lake

In every case, the early mornings (getting up as early as 3:30am) were worth it. And I sort of got used to it, making it easier for me to do some of the other early morning activities we enjoy.

Here are some of my favorite early morning pictures.

Elk at Sprague Lake

Another west-looking early morning at Sprague Lake

Sunrise over the plains, viewed from the Deer Mountain summit

Belted Kingfisher

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