Bird Banding

Scott Rashid recording a banding at the "Y"
So far this summer we've had three wonderful opportunities to watch local avian expert, Scott Rashid, demonstrate bird banding. Scott is an experienced birder, researcher, bird bander, author, bird rehabilitator, artist/illustrator, and photographer.

One Wednesday evening at a Baldpate Inn Enchanted Evening presentation, we saw how Scott harmlessly traps hummingbirds, bands, weighs, measures, records and releases the tiny little guys. I was thrilled to hold one while he used pincers to attach an incredibly small silver band to the leg.

A just-banded Wilson's Warbler

Two other times we watched a similar presentation at the YMCA of the Rockies, demonstrating how Scott traps birds of all species with nets at a feeder station.

Rather than spoil it by telling you all the details, we encourage you to check out the schedule at the Y and head out there to see for yourself. It's almost impossible not to find yourself smiling at such close encounters with these little feathered friends!

Hopefully the Baldpate will have Scott back next summer as well.

Measuring the tail

Wilson's Warbler about to be released

Katherine about to release "her" bird

Scott explaining how the tail feathers help with identification

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