Bird # 218

Redhead (male and female)
We enjoy many aspects of our newest hobby, birding, but twitching has a strong appeal to both of us. Given our history of collecting, organizing and counting things, this is no surprise. (:   So we were both happy to add bird species #218 for our life list - the Redhead.

Now that the weather has warmed up some, after an incredibly cold spell in February, we've been walking the Lake Estes trail again regularly. The Redheads (two pair) were hanging around near the southern side of the lake trail the past few days. Common Goldeneyes are still at the lake, as well as the Bufflehead, but no sign of the Barrow's Goldeneye since that day in January. We also heard and then saw a number of Red-winged Blackbirds in the pines along the upper portion of Mall Road. Sounds like spring to me!

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