Great Horned Owl Update

We are happy to report that the Great Horned Owl nest near Boulder which we first mentioned April, has produced two active, thriving branchers!

Great Horned Owl owlet "brancher"

We've been watching them whenever we are in the area, or if necessary, make an excuse to go to the area to check in on them. (-:

Great Horned Owl brancher

On our last visit in mid-May, Mama Owl fended off a raccoon. The raccoon was actually no where near the branchers, but clearly she did not want him anywhere remotely near her babies.

After she landed again in another nearby tree, a grackle started harassing her for no apparent reason -- maybe a nearby nest?

Raccoon scurrying away after being buzzed by Mama Owl
Mama Owl getting buzzed by a grackle
Mama Owl in a calmer moment

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