Weekend Water (June 15)

Susan and I had been wanting to get up to Glacier Gorge and Alberta Falls to see Glacier Creek and the high water flow of the spring melt-off, so on Sunday we headed up into the park.

Alberta Falls

We don't usually choose to hike on weekends, especially in the summer, but for some reason this day we did. Knowing the Glacier Gorge and Bear Lake parking lots would be full, we just parked at the shuttle parking area and took the bus to Glacier Gorge to begin our hike.

Glacier Creek

I brought the tripod and other gear so we could shoot the flowing water along the way, and we enjoyed our frequent stops to take in the fast-rushing water along Glacier Creek.

Glacier Creek below Alberta Falls

As expected, there were quite a few people at Alberta Falls, so it was a challenge to get a photo without people in it.

Near the top of Alberta Falls, looking down/east

The top of Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls detail

After climbing to the top of the Falls to take more pictures, we descended and decided to hike down to Sprague Lake to add a couple of miles to our hike for a total of about 4.4 miles.

The "classic" view of Alberta Falls

Looking down on another part of Glacier Creek

Arnica along the trail

Along the trail to Sprague Lake

When we reached Sprague Lake, we caught the shuttle back to our car and headed home. We definitely accomplished our goal of seeing some creeks and waterfalls, plus we got some exercise!

Sprague Lake with the Continental Divide

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