Miscellaneous Spring Fun (June 5)

After we returned from our trip to the Olympic Peninsula we had some catching up to do back home! We did some drives up in Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoyed the newly opened Trail Ridge Road.

We enjoyed seeing our Lakewood family and grandsons, and Susan's parents came out to visit for a week, too, allowing us to get 4 generations in one picture!

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from our spring.

Longs Peak, viewed from Rock Cut on Trail Ridge Road

Yellow-bellied Marmot near Rock Cut

Great Horned Owl nearly ready to fledge from its nest in Estes Park

A family hike to the Eugenia Mine in the Longs Peak area

Susan captured this full moon rising near our house in June

Longs Peak from Forest Canyon overlook

Susan got this great capture of lightning with her iPhone!

Four generations

Bird banding at YMCA of the Rockies

Susan captured this badger digging up a ground squirrel in our yard

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  1. Omgosh just amazing photo's I so enjoyed them very much so and I truly do enjoy your blogs as well.

    Thank yo so much for sharing! =0)